Erasmus+ project "The Power of Reading"

Our kindergarten participates in the  Erasmus+ project "The Power of Reading" which is a cooperation project between preschools from Spain, Iceland, Greece, Estonia, Croatia and Italy.

Early reading with children plays a significant role in children’s development, as it influences the whole development of the child (cognitive, language-communication, social, emotional). Using books in the teaching process fosters children's imagination, creativity, and a better understanding of their own emotions and other people’s emotions. The main goal of our project is to increase the use of literature in early childhood education as an element in children´s integral development: reading competence, emotional intelligence, naturalistic intelligence, communicative skills, digital competence, problem-solving skills and social acceptance.

The project will gather preschool teachers and give them an opportunity to participate in Learning/Teaching/Training meetings in which they will learn about subjects and how they influence reading and a child’s integrated development, to hear about the scientific frontlines by university researchers, to participate in workshops, to visit preschools where teachers and children will show new and exciting methods and to discuss the subjects with their international colleagues. 

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